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Inspiration: Legal Practitioner Attorney 

André du Plessis

André- founded DU PLESSIS BOLAND WELLINGTON Attorneys in 1998 in the Boland town of Wellington in the Western Cape and practiced under this name and style till end 2019.

The firm started out as a general practice.  It has soon grown into a well established name in the Western Cape Legal fraternity. Although independent from his practice, but from André's inspiration, his daughter found the firm DU PLESSIS BOLAND BELLVILLE Attorneys / Conveyancers, the footprint of DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers.

André, originally from Johannesburg and whom has made his mark in the legal fraternity of the Western Cape too, is now in his retirement phase.  He is not involved at DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers, but he remains our inspiration and motivation.

Legal Practitioner Attorney, Conveyancer, 

Solicitor in England & Wales, Entrepreneur &

Professional Business Developer: 

Michélle du Plessis

Michélle- is an admitted and practicing Attorney and Conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa as well as a registered Solicitor in England and Wales and member of the American Bar Association.  She founded DU PLESSIS BELLVILLE Attorneys / Conveyancers in 2005,  later Incorporated, and now abbreviated and known as DPB Attorneys & Conveyancers. She is also the Co-Founder and CEO of FUTURAE Management Solutions GmbH and FUTURAE.AI situated in Switzerland and the CEO of the FUTURAE International Group.

Michélle holds a BA (Law), a LLB and a MSc in Business Administration with a Major in Business Development and Promotion (From the Lucerne School of Business, Luzern Switzerland).  She has more than 20 years of experience as a fierce and successful litigator, both in criminal and civil law. She has been responsible for successful verdicts in multiple murder cases, national tax fraud cases and high net value divorce cases. 

Although she specialized in complex, multi jurisdiction international commercial contract law, and international divorce law, Michélle now focuses mainly on the convergence of complex and convoluted legal matters within the digital economy, such as the Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the Crypto world, both in Zug Switzerland and Vaduz Liechtenstein. She is also a legal expert in fiduciary and trust solutions, immigration, residency and second and/or alternative citizenship.

Michélle is registered to practice as an Attorney and Conveyancer by the Legal Practice Council South Africa.  She is also a member the of the Crypto Valley situated in Zug Switzerland and Vaduz Liechtenstein.  

With her legal expertise and sound knowledge of multi jurisdiction contracts, the FUTURAE Group provides her with the unique platform within the world of complex legal and digital Business Solutions, smart contracts and business management advisory services.

Legal Practitioner Attorney, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Business Development: 

Anton Wranz

Anton- is an Attorney Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Manager at DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers

After completing matric at Paul Roos Gymnasium in 2003, Anton remained in Stellenbosch to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Stellenbosch majoring in Management, Accounting and Mercantile Law. Thereafter, he established a successful business, went on to provide training and development throughout South Africa and the SADC region, manage a medical equipment manufacturer and serve as the Group HOD for Training & Development of a large multinational healthcare conglomerate.

Anton is a critical thinker and his creative nimble mind enables him to integrate and apply vast amounts of information to seek out the most innovative and contextual solutions. With his passion for development, and always having wanted to study law, Anton decided to pursue a Law Degree and completed his LLB while working full time.

Anton is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, the Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Manager at DPB. With more than ten years’ experience in strategic management, compliance, development and finance, he contributes a unique skill set shaped by experience in various industries and functions. 

Anton is a registered Assessor and Moderator with various SETA’s and with vast experience in training development and delivery, he has successfully implemented a number of human capital development strategies and programs. Anton strives to develop an organisational culture characterised by the appreciation of integrated solutions as the basis for real value additions. He enjoys developing, leading and motivating teams for organisational excellence.

When not in the office, Anton has a passion for all things mechanical and enjoys working with his hands. He is also an accredited off-road driving instructor, both SA and internationally, with a love for travelling, especially road trips with his wife and friends.

Contact Anton at Anton@futuraedpb.com
Tel: 021. 949 5833

Legal Practitioner Attorney & Qualified Debt Counsellor: 

Marlien Beyers Nel

Marlien- is an admitted Attorney.  She completed the degree B.Com (Law) at the University of Pretoria in 1994 and in 1998 she completed her LLB-degree at the University of South Africa.   

After completing her 3-year articles at Haasbroek-Willemse Inc. in the OFS, Marlien was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 1998.  She then practiced as a professional assistant at Neumann Van Rooyen Attorneys in the OFS.   

Marlien recently qualified as a Debt Counselor and will be heading the Debt Counseling Court Process department of DPB.  

She has in-depth knowledge of the Debt Counseling process and assist the Attorneys appearing on behalf of the
Debt Counselors.

 opened her own law firm under the name and style Beyers-Nel Attorneys in 2001 and practiced as Attorney until 2009, after which she left the legal industry to commence a career in the business world.   After 10 successful
years as a business woman, Marlien,  being an Entrepreneur, yet Attorney by heart, opted to take up the legal profession yet again as an Attorney at DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers.

As of 1 January 2020, Marlien is practicing law at DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers.

Contact Marlien at Marlien@futuraedpb.com
Tel: 021. 949 5833

Candidate Legal Practitioner (Attorney) :  

Erika Heaton

Erika- graduated with a BA (Law) degree, majoring in politics in 2017. Erika is currently a final year LLB student at Rhodes University. During her time at Rhodes University Erika has participated in several extra-curricular activities, which include; Secretary of the Rhodes Model United Nations, various community engagement activities and an International Moot at the International Criminal Court, The Hague. 

As of 6 January 2020, Erika commenced her articles of clerkship with DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers.  She quickly proved herself as an astute NCS practitioner and go-to person with Debt Review Matters.

Contact Erika at Erika@futuraedpb.com
Tel: 021. 949 5833

Candidate Legal Practitioner (Attorney) :   

Franco Meiring

Franco- graduated with a BA (Law) degree, majoring in Politics in 2017, whereafter he obtained an LLB at the Nelson Mandela University in 2019. As of 1 January 202, he is employed at DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers as a Candidate Legal Practitioner (Attorney).

Franco is a hands-on "techie" with fingers not only mastering the guitar, but also Microsoft Office, proving a valuable asset to the DPB office in general, a true Unicorn, to say but the least!

Franco enjoys pondering over every day problems and conjuring innovative, lasting solutions, whilst improving it and giving it a twist. He is a person who finds pleasure in helping others and learning in the process thereof.

Contact Franco at Franco@futuraedpb.com
Tel: 021. 949 5833

Human Capital and Talent Acquisition Strategist and President FUTURAE Group: 

Francois Scholtz

Francois- is a global Business Leader, leading Human Capital Management Executive and Entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of expertise in the most competitive and dynamic talent markets across the globe, including Wall Street and Silicon Valley. His focus is on evolving transformational leadership teams, creating healthy digital corporate cultures to innovate, and to deploy innovate talent acquisition and management solutions that intersects with the latest megatrends, including cloud and blockchain solutions.

Francois completed his International Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and his undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg (formerly R.A.U.) in South Africa. Francois is a recognized global Human Capital Management industry thought leader, and has served as Guest Speaker at various conferences and heads DPB's Talent and Human Capital acquisitions.

Francois  serves this firm as an advisor and Chief Transformation Officer.

Office Assistant & Driver: Elliot Capu

Elliot-joined DPB Attorneys / Conveyancers on 1 March 2020.  Elliot has served our Inspirator and Attorney Mr. André du Plessis his wife and his Wellington office manager Wanda as well as his law firm for 23 years as a general office worker, messenger and personal assistant.  

Elliot truly embodies pride, dedication and family values.  Elliot spells out "friendly" and will cheer up anyone's difficult day.

Since 2005, Elliot is married to Rosie and the proud father of two sons.

Elliot  brings a vast array of knowledge to DPB, who is proud to welcome a person with his calibre as part of the
DPB family.

Leilani Nelson - Market Analyst

Leilani - is a proud wife and mother of two beautiful girls. She has more than 10 years Management and Customer Service Experience. 

Leilani's strengths lie in her leadership ability, diligent approach to solve problems , whilst working hands to facilitate growth. 

Working with people is very fulfilling to her.  She loves to see people happy and satisfied with the service provided to them. 

Leilani's past experience has taught her to work hard for what she wants, and to pursue everythinbg with a positive and passionate attitude.

Translations: Wolfgang Holbein

Wolfgang- is a Sworn Translator for German and English.  

He is a skilled and reliable translator with the ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language. 

Wolfgang has experience in German/English document translation and pay great attention to detail with excellent
work ethic.  His knowledge of the vocabulary in both German and English is extensive.

Wolfgang is registered as a Sworn Translator at the Western Cape High Court and the German Consulate. 

Wolfgang serves this firm as an independent translator.